Feeding The Baby Inside

So, at not quite 7 weeks yet, I’m far from needing extra calories or anything of the sort. I just need to make sure I get all the right nutrients, which is especially important for me as a vegan to prove that I am perfectly capable.
In doing so, I’ve been keeping tabs on my diet with My Fitness Pal for Android. It seems that I’m getting all the nutrients I need and I include my prenatal in my foods list so that I have a clear list of all the vitamins that I’m getting. My only problem so far is getting the calories in the right range. So far, in the time that I’ve been tracking (about a week or so) I’ve been consistently under in calories. In order to maintain my weight (given that I am not very active), it is suggested that I should be getting about 1800 calories. Most days I’m maxing out at 1500, at the most. Lately my morning sickness hasn’t been bad either, so I don’t feel the need to eat constantly to try to quell the nausea, so I’m getting even fewer calories (only about 1000, give or take). Even when I’m eating 3-4 meals a day plus snacks in between, I’m getting TONS of vitamins and minerals, but not enough calories. I honestly don’t know how to get anymore and my weight isn’t going down or anything so I honestly don’t see why I would need to be.

My only real worries are:

  • The doctor’s visit. I’m scheduled for my ultrasound in 3 weeks. I’m meeting with my OB for the first time and if she asks for proof I want to know that it’s going to look okay that I’m not eating a lot of calories but that I have all the protein, calcium, iron, and folate that I need.
  • My second trimester. I suppose that, once my baby starts growing, I could find myself getting hungrier and finding it easier to get the extra 300 calories that I need, but if pregnancy doesn’t make me hungry then how am I to force myself to eat more than is comfortable for me?

Today was the first day that I thought I might go over on my calories. It’s almost 9pm. For breakfast I was not hungry at all, but I had a bowl of corn flakes to make sure my prenatals would go down smoothly. Shortly after I felt a little nauseous and had a piece of toast with peanut butter. After that (around 11am) I didn’t eat again until almost 7pm. I had chili in my crockpot all day and decided that it was a good time to have some. I sat down to watch a movie with my friend and we kept going out to get second helpings of chili. Before I knew it, all the chili was gone.
I didn’t know exactly how much I ate, but my friend and I split the chili pretty evenly, so I guessed at about half of everything I put into the chili. Now, because of the TVP that I put in my chili and the kidney beans, I’m right on the mark for my protein, but I’m still only at 1065 calories and I’m stuffed!

I hope everything is deemed okay by my doctor, but really, I don’t worry too much. As long as I’m not losing weight and I’m getting the proper nutrients there should be no problems.


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