Cravings, Sickness, Fatigue (AKA: I think this baby is trying to kill me)

8 weeks, to the day. Only 32 more to go.

Lately my whole world has revolved around peanut butter and pickles. They’re the only things I can stomach in reasonable quantities. The other day my boyfriend and I took my niece and nephew to the park and had a picnic, as everyone was packing their PB&J’s and Eric had his BOCA chick’n patty, I couldn’t stomach the thought of any of it, so I put some pickles on bread and slapped some mustard on it. It tasted like heaven.
Thus far, my “cravings” haven’t been too out of whack or anything, it’s just that sometimes I’ll have the NEED for something specific and have to have it before I start to feel sick again. Today I was thinking about going to Starbucks and ordering something yummy and decaf (*sadface*). I did some research online because I couldn’t figure out exactly which drink I wanted so I looked at my options and saw the caramel dulce latte. The latte itself didn’t sound that appealing, but when I saw the picture of the beautiful caramel drizzled across the top I almost died. I wanted it so much I thought I might cry. Caramel, of course, is far from vegan, so this killed my soul a little, but fortunately for me, I have a wonderful boyfriend who knows how to cook. We currently have a bowl in our fridge of chocolate, caramel toffee that he made per my request a couple days ago. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a chunk and immediately felt better. I do, admittedly crave meaty things sometimes, but I know that’s only because I’m not eating sufficiently, and I generally just fry up some tofu and call it good. I’m a little nervous for when the cravings get potentially stronger or stranger. I’m sure I can power through it, but it makes you feel weak.
I’ve been sick and tired for days now. I want to sleep all day, but then at night I’m up 17 times to pee and am wide awake watching Breaking Bad until 2am. Pregnancy is not fun for me right now.

I’m trying not to get discouraged, and hopefully soon I’ll be back with better news and updates. After all, my first ultrasound is in 2 weeks, there’s bound to be a fun post from that 🙂


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