Doulas and Intuitive Childbirth

One day shy of 9 weeks. Only 1 more week to go before our ultrasound!

Usually I don’t post every day like this, but I felt I had to share my research with the world!
Years ago, before I even thought about actually becoming pregnant and having a child and all the things that entails, I considered myself a feminist and developed an interest in natural child birth and empowering women.
Encouraging other women (and myself) to be confident, comfortable, and to know what we want has been something I’ve dreamed of and have attempted to accomplish. Just this past Spring, I modeled nude for an art class at my local college and it’s amazing the types of responses you get, mostly positive, from other women. Knowing that the little things I do make other women feel like they can push for what they want makes a lady feel accomplished 🙂

I’ve learned about all modes of child birth before. In hospital, at home, medicated, natural, vaginal, cesarean, VBAC, hypnobirthing, water birthing, doulas, midwives, OB’s, farm hands! You name it and I’ve done some degree of research on it.
So, obviously, when I found out that I was pregnant, I had some idea of what I wanted my birth experience to be. I’ve always been a crunchy, granola lady of sorts, and there’s no reason that should end with my becoming a mother.

Not the topic of this post, but as an aside, I’d like to do a home water birth, if circumstances allow. All natural, no intervention, and on my baby’s own time table. 42 weeks does not seem late to me if my child is not ready to face the world yet.

Now to get to the meat of the post.
I’ve looked into what it would take to become a certified doula. At first it looks daunting and mildly expensive (at least to an unemployed 21 year old woman). But then I discovered Intuitive Childbirth. This organization allows for FREE doula training and certification. You’re only required to pay a $25 fee for your certification once you’ve been chosen for the program. The catch is, because it is free and they receive such an influx of applications, they accept new students based on a lottery system. It’s entirely by chance and you must reapply every month if you do not get in. If that seems like too much for you, they offer guaranteed placement for $150. Still, $150, how can you beat that when other organizations are charging $500 or more!
They’re philosophy is that every woman deserves her best birthing experience and that, whether you are planning on making a career out of being a doula or learning for your own benefit, there should be no costs incurred when it comes to helping women do what they’ve done for eons. The only requirement after graduation is that you perform one birth free of charge. You’ve received your training for free, the least you can do is pay it forward for someone who could not otherwise afford a doula.

Personally, after researching for a number of years (more intently at this point) I’d love to make a career out of something like this. I’m so excited about the possibility to help other women like myself and to do something that really makes a difference. If you’ve ever had a positive birth experience and what to spread the wealth or a negative one and you want to ensure that no woman has to go through something like what you’ve been through, I’d highly recommend checking into doula certification.


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