My First Night Back

Eric and I are moving next week.
My mother came over to help us pack up most of our things yesterday.
It was productive. The apartment is so much more serene now.

My friend “T” came over last night to visit. We hadn’t seen each other in a while. Things have been strange given the recent events.
We discussed what happened over the past couple weeks, we rented a movie, we decided to have one last hurrah while I’m still in town.
Over the past few months, we’ve collected a lot of half bottles of liquor. T is diligent about coming over to help us get rid of some before we collect more.
That was not our original intention last night, but that’s what happened.
We decided to go to the liquor store to get pre-mixed long island iced tea.
We had a grand time.

On the way there.
T admitted to feeling like a bad person for being glad that I’m able to drink again. We discussed it. I feel stronger about it, of course. My emotions are still everywhere. But it was nice to have a night where I didn’t have to feel for a little while.
I got to go back to my life.It was conflicting, but it was a nice break from reality.

This morning I bled again, then stopped. Throughout the day yesterday I bled lightly. No real clots, certainly no tissue.
This afternoon, as I was getting ready to take Eric to work, I had to lie down because the pain was so bad. I was in agony. It cleared up, but throughout my drive there and back I had intermittent cramping. When I got home I passed a lot of blood and then it stopped again.

No exciting updates.
I’ll be sure to post more when it gets interesting.
Regardless of what happens I have to call the doctor next week to make sure things are moving smoothly.


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