Update: The worst is over?

Be aware, it’s about to get TMI in here:

Yesterday I went to my friends house for her birthday party for a little while before Eric got out of work.
Once he got out, we were supposed to go back, but on the way to get him I started getting horrific cramps.

We ended up just coming back to the apartment so I could rest.
Good thing too, because it only got weirder.

The cramps started coming in waves again. Then they stopped. They came again but were milder this time.
I won’t get into the details, but Eric and I haven’t had sex in a while, we decided to try it, with condoms and gentleness of course.
We knew we were advised against it, but sometimes in the spur of the moment you can’t see the risks very clearly.
It didn’t hurt, but there was an uncomfortable pressure as soon as we started, so we stopped.

I stood up to get dressed and felt this incredible pressure within me. I assumed it was just a lot of blood, so I rushed to the bathroom.
A fairly large mass came out of me.
By the time I was able to get up and really investigate, there was so much blood and whatever this mass was had sunk to the bottom.
It didn’t look like any clot I had ever seen, and I hadn’t had any clotting or anything this whole time. Although throughout the day I had a few strings of something but I wasn’t sure if it was mucous or just thickening blood.
The rest of the night was mild. I had some pretty bad cramps immediately after and another gush of blood (I say gush because, for me, it was a lot, but it wasn’t all the much, it just happened very suddenly). After that, it was done.

When I finally went to bed I had a little more light cramping, but I haven’t really had much bleeding since then.
I’m starting to feel slight pressure in my lower abdomen/pelvis, but nothing terrible.

So, even though I’m not sure, I’m hoping that this means it’s coming to an end.
I’ll wait it out and mid-next week maybe I can get in to see the doctor.
But here’s hoping that the worst is over.

Now, I’m off to help my father clean up the property he’s planning on giving us next summer.
I’m not sure if he knows of the miscarriage. My sister asked if she could tell him, because he’s always asking her about me, and I told her I didn’t mind either way. I’ve messaged her to ask. I figure that with my sometimes debilitating cramps I’m going to have to take breaks sometimes and probably not work for very long, so it’d be nice to know what to say to my father. Whether I have to break the news or just let him know that it’s happening now.


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