Insensitive: Everyone is bad at this

Today, Eric and I went to his parents house before he had to work so that he could get the last of his things out of storage at their house.

As I’ve said before, his mother took it upon herself to tell EVERYONE about the pregnancy.
Including the next door neighbor who, I guess, is a few years older than myself and Eric and has known him since childhood.

As Eric and I were leaving, we saw this particular neighbor.
He asked, Eric confirmed.
He apologized for our loss.
In the same breath, he said “but I’ve got one on the way soon!”

I sobbed the whole way home.
I don’t believe that any person who takes a moment to think about the feelings of others would do that.
He even said that his girlfriend had three miscarriages before this pregnancy, so you would think he’d have some semblance of what you do not want to hear when you’re going through a miscarriage.

I don’t have much else to tell.
I’ve been sad and weepy for the past week.
The long drive back and forth to get Eric to work is a long time to think about things.

Life is funny sometimes.
Life hurts.


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