New Horizons

As you’re aware, life has been tumultuous.
Pregnancy, loss, life, moves, careers, learning, etc.

Tonight I am born as a doula and a new woman. A mother to mothers.

I’ve been rather discouraged as of late. My doula training is nearly complete, but I am lacking the crucial birth experience to certify. My appointment for counseling had to be moved, so I have yet to see anyone.

I was hopeful, as I attended a fundraiser for the local doula group on Sunday and had my first client interview on Tuesday.
The client interview, unfortunately, did not go as one might hope. After having to turn down my first prospect I was devastated. I expected that this meant I would not be a doula. I was a failure. I began looking for other jobs that evening when I returned home.

However, life has a way of surprising you.
I received some correspondence from a woman in another state saying her sister was going to be induced soon and needed a doula desperately. As far as doulas go, we are willing to support as best we can, but we prefer to have a few meetings with our client first. I told the woman to have her sister call me–I told her my fee–and that was that.

Two days go by and I hear nothing. I assume plans changed and they would no longer need me. Oh well, I wasn’t cut out for this anyway.
This morning I receive a call from a strange number. I answer. It’s *Ginger*. Her sister had told her to call me to get to know me better and see what I may be able to do for her. She is being induced this morning and if I’m available she’d like me to attend her birth. After a little discussion, we agree to meet at the hospital so that I can get to know her a little more before she goes into labor. She agrees, her sister calls me, we set up a payment agreement. It’s all done.

Now I’m waiting patiently to attend my first birth. I will be leaving in roughly 40 minutes to start my journey. I’m so thrilled and anxious and scared. But I know I can do this. I am a doula. This is my client. I will help her have her baby.


2 thoughts on “New Horizons

  1. I just attended my first Conscious Birth Summit. I am interested in being a doula, CPM or CNM. Have to admit that your short post left me with courage and hope. I hope to be working towards supporting childbirth in some way soon. And thank you for your post! Good luck to you and your new client!

    • Thank you 🙂
      Being a doula is truly challenging and rewarding. This first birth was exhausting and terrifying but such a great learning experience. I will be writing a post on it shortly.
      And feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about becoming a doula.

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